I can't wait to travel the world and learn new things. Wanderlust.
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I’m a force to be reckoned with.

I hate how people are so willing to attack others for having an opinion. And usually I really try to stay out of it but when it deals with someone I care about, I get defensive and I go into protective mode. We may not talk everyday or see each other often but just know that I will always have your back/defend you when someone or a group of people are attacking you. Sorry I just had to state this. 

Background story/info:
I love my big sis Jess! She has been there for me since freshmen year of high school and even though we don’t talk everyday or see each other, I will always have her back! So for those who are attacking her because she has opinions, you can go eff yourself. Back off because when you attack someone I care about and love, I will be the biggest b!tch to you. Trust me on that.